Mastering doesn't just mean "making it louder" - on the contrary - it can push a production over the edge or bring a song to life! Every mix has a certain potential in terms of sound and volume. In mastering, we look for a way to exploit this. It's always amazing to hear what a good mastering can do to a song.
The key to this is communication. What expectations do you have? How should it sound? What references do you have? How loud should it be? Where will it be released?
I also like to listen to the first mixes so that I can be involved in the production early enough.
The signal path and the equipment have been carefully selected by ear over the years and are constantly being optimized.
We proceed very cautiously and give great importance to the highest audiophile quality.

  • Analog and digital mastering give your tracks the finishing touch
  • Mastering for all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Bandcamp etc
  • Vinyl mastering with the necessary format adjustments
  • CD mastering incl. DDP Formatting for the pressing plant
  • Mediation of pressing plants and procurement of ISRC and EAN codes
Mixing is something I do sometimes. Please get in touch and we will sort it out.